hi, i’m megan.  this is my piece of the internet, where i talk about things i like, things i don’t like, and my innermost thoughts and feelings.  mostly the last part.

i am a rust belt native and a bay area transplant.

i cycle for business and pleasure. i slip on dead rats. i bake sweet treats. i really like public transit. i am ludicrously nostalgic, easily excitable, and have a borderline-pathetic sense of hopefulness.

the name of this blog comes from a poem by gary snyder called “afloat,” which can be found in the collection mountains and rivers without end. the banner image you see here is from a photo i took in yosemite in may, 2009.

some other pictures are at flickr. what i’m doing right now is at twitter. my social network is at the facebook. all the sweet tunes i listen to are at last.fm.

thanks for stopping by.

me circa 1988 with my first cat, barney

me circa 1987 with my first cat, barney


One response to “&c.

  1. This is good news and bad news and good news. First, the good news: you’re at wordpress, and I agree with all of your reasons for switching. Second, the bad news: you’re blogging a bunch, as if I have time to read this, and I’m going to have to stop reading other things, or stop something, to fit you in. Third, the good news, you’re blogging a bunch! Yay!

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