fun with ice cream!

I have one of the best roommate-friends a girl could ask for in Stephie Q., and she congratulated me on my MSW with an amazing gift: an ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid!!

The thing about homemade ice cream is you have to be very patient, and you have to plan ahead (freeze the bowl, make the ice cream mixture, refrigerate the ice cream mixture, churn the ice cream). I am better at one of those things than the other. . .but when we’re talking about straight-up eggs, heavy cream, half-and-half, and me being unemployed, not being able to make a batch a day is probably a good thing.

I had a bunch of buttermilk and lemons left over from my graduation party, and blueberries are starting to show up in the markets, so I decided to make some blueberry buttermilk ice cream as my inaugural batch. (Close second and next batch: Guinness milk chocolate.)


I opted for the fancy custard-base version, but I got the heat too high and scrambled the eggs. Oops. I tried to thin them out with my immersion blender and re-strain them, but I still ended up with some egg bits in the ice cream. (You can’t tell in the finished product.)

I refrigerated the ice cream mixture overnight and then started up the mixer!!

churn, baby, churn!

Magically, after 25 minutes, I had delicious ice cream. The consistency was perfect soft-serve. I ate a little bowl and put the rest in the freezer to set up. YUM!

om nom nom

I think I taste a lot of ice cream, froyo, and sorbet in my summer.


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