it has been a busy few weeks in my domestic life. i moved to a new house, in a new neighborhood. going from living in the living room of an apartment that had no common space to a three-plus–bedroom, two-story home is quite a change—but it’s a good one. i definitely feel more like a real person. and it’s great to have a couch. and a bedroom door. the things we do for a central location.

anyway, i’ve been acquiring lots of house stuff to fill all the space. the most exciting is my kitchenaid mixer, which i got for a ridiculously low price on craigslist. i have been lusting after a mixer like this for a while, but i felt like it was the type of thing i should wait to receive as a wedding shower gift. i had this superstitious notion that if i bought one for myself i’d somehow be a failure of a domestic lady or would somehow curse my chances of ever getting a ring put on it. then i thought about making so much homemade butter and bread dough and frosting and other things, and i decided if i got one second-hand on craigslist, it wouldn’t count as buying one for myself. one RSS feed, a few days, and phone call later, gris and i are a match made in heaven.

sweet sweet kitchenaid

(i also finally got a smartphone, which means lots of pictures of random stuff, mostly snaut, but also kitchen appliances and food.)

the first thing we (the mixer and i) made together was alton brown’s soft pretzels.

homemade soft pretzels!

they were really fun, really easy, and really delicious. they reheated in the oven surprisingly well; i ate them for almost a week. (whoa, that’d be one giant pretzel a day. don’t worry, i shared them with people.) next time, i’d split the dough into 16 chunks and make more, smaller pretzels.

mid-week, we made this adaptation of ad hoc’s blueberry cobbler. i halved it for a small dessert to complement the delicious curry john made for dinner, and it still made enough for at least 4 people. i loved the simple flavors that let the blueberries shine.

finally, we made milk chocolate frosting for peanut butter blondies to take to a potluck. i am a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate, but these blondies were a little too much for me, all around. the blondie was really dense, and i think i would have liked the frosting better without the melted milk chocolate chips—it tasted too much like fudge. (for me, that is possible.) although it was fun to fashion a double boiler out of household items. well, a small saucepan and a small skillet. not that creative, i guess. anyway, the frosting easily had the best texture of any frosting i’ve ever made, thanks to you-know-who.

our house needed some more bowls for everyday use, and as i was considering options, i decided i want to start acquiring fiestaware!! i love the mix-and-match and the idea of adding to my collection slowly as i can afford it, depending on what colors i can find and what pieces i need. someday i will have a full set! i began the collection with four rimmed soup bowls in shamrock, scarlet, plum, and peacock.

pretty bowls

i love this bowl shape—i make a lot of one-dish meals like pasta and veggies, curry, soup, stir fry, and so on, and this is the perfect vessel for all of them. tangerine and sunflower will round out my color combination for now, and i think the gusto bowls are next.

snaut has been adjusting to the new house pretty well. he spent the first 24 hours hiding in my bedroom closet (did i mention i have a bedroom closet?!), and then he alternated between exploring and hiding under the covers of my bed. i only accidentally sat on him once.

undercover kitteh

after a day or two, though, he was running around per usual. there was a cat tree in the garage of our house, left over from a neighborhood garage sale, which i brought up to one of the empty rooms. at first he wanted nothing to do with it, of course, but now it’s cool. he also likes the direct sunlight (sometimes there is direct sunlight in the central richmond!!!) and the big windows in the new place.

cat tree, cat, sunlight, and foliage

anyway, that’s the haps. i’m feeling fairly settled in, with a lot of baking out of my system, just in time to start classes tomorrow. time flies.


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