city wanderings

I had today off because the clinic where I intern was closed for remodeling.

I rode Muni (with about a million Gigantes fans going to the home opener) to my dentist appointment. (No cavities!)

Then I took a very circuitous, indecisive, 3.7-mile-long walk home. I stopped at three places (the three dots after point A) to look for snowboard boots and did not find them. I got some new sunglasses. I saw some old men shooting craps on the street, which made me feel like I could have been in 2010 or in 1950. And I almost stopped at approximately eight different cafes/restaurants (the rest of the dots) before deciding to just go home and make a smoothie and some guacamole.

This must be what it’s like to be a grad student who doesn’t have a field practicum.

One response to “city wanderings

  1. i went to the dentist today too!
    i never know what to do with time off. I mean, I could read, i guess, but you know.

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