night walks

Tonight, Ava and I went for a walk. I hadn’t gotten any exercise today; Ava had just gotten home from a big family dinner; we needed some fresh air. So we set out upon a route that turned into this one — up Market, through the Castro, up through Corona Heights, and back down through the Haight. Highlights included fog, partial city views, huge old houses, and hills. (Who knew there was a Mt. Olympus in San Francisco? Well, besides Wikipedia.)

We talked, mostly about this summer; about how we’re going to look back on it; how it wasn’t what either of us planned it to be; how the two of us tend to be planners, calculators; how it’s good to let go of the plans and the calculations sometimes, good to follow the wants instead of the needs; how sometimes you realize the needs become the wants; and how it all works out, one way or another.

I’m feeling pretty fortunate tonight, for a lot of things.

Roommates, on breakups:
“Well, I think it’s really rare when two people both don’t want to break up.” – Megan
“Um, I think that’s called staying together.” – Ava


One response to “night walks

  1. bikeculturetheory

    Next time keep heading a little further west until you get to Johnstone and Clarendon, then take the ‘Upper Service Rd” through the woods, down through UCSF, and back 🙂 Just did this the other night, pretty cool hidden spot.

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