weddings! or, a wedding, at least.

My childhood BFF, Rachel, just asked me to be in her wedding!!!! We have been friends since we were about 3 years old, when we were across-the-street neighbors.  She has three sisters, so I didn’t really expect her to ask me to be a bridesmaid, but they’re going all out with a big wedding party, so I’m in! Yay!

me and rachel, circa 1989, age 5

me and rachel, circa 1988, age 4

I have never been in a wedding. And actually, unlike most people I know, who go to multiple weddings per year, I have only been to four weddings in memorable history:

  1. My cousin Wendy’s wedding; Cleveland, Ohio; c. 1989 (age 5).
    I fell through a chair. Really — the chairs at the reception had these wicker-weave seats and when I sat down, the seat broke and my butt got stuck in the frame. In front of my whole family. I was pretty traumatized.
  2. My cousin Kevin’s wedding; Bowling Green, Ohio; c. 1993 (age 9).
    My mom bought me a fancy dress from the Limited Too to wear — it was black taffeta with bright flowers, and I felt so grown-up in it, although I’m sure it was hideous. I remember feeling awkward about dancing.
  3. My boyfriend’s friends’ wedding; Santa Cruz Mountains, California; 2008 (age 24).
    The guy I was dating at the time was videotaping the wedding for his friends; I had never met the bride or the groom. Probably the most memorable part was slow-dancing in the parking lot — they didn’t play any slow songs until we were outside and almost ready to leave, but we could still hear the music, so we danced under the stars. Aww.
  4. My friends Jake and Miranda’s wedding; San Francisco, California; 2009 (age 25).
    Jake and Miranda got married at City Hall, which meant I could walk to the ceremony from my house! It was super cute and Miranda’s dad cried a lot, which was also very cute and also made me cry.

Rachel’s wedding is going to be at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky, which will be a pain to get to but should make for a nice road trip. And it’s beautiful. My goal is to have my life a lot more sorted out by then than it is now. Being as the wedding isn’t until October, 2010, I figure have plenty of time to do this.


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