This week has been crazy. Despite my best attempts, I’ve managed to be busy every night, with barely five minutes to do dishes or put away clothes or clean the cat box. Tonight I stayed home and caught up on chores and Snaut and The Office. . .it’s basically too hot to move, anyway.

But despite all the running around, I feel like the time I’ve spent with people this week has been really great. I’ve had some good, meaningful connections — reconnecting with some older friends I’d fallen out of touch with and beginning to forge stronger relationships with newer friends.

I need to feel connected, but I need to remember that is a multi-faceted thing. I need to take time to connect with my friends and family, with myself, and with God. There has to be a balance among all of those; if one outweighs the others, I lose perspective, insecurities and doubts creep in, and a cycle of disconnection begins.

I can feel the pendulum swinging back toward the center, though. Slowly but surely, I’m finding that balance between investing in the people who are important to me, spending enough time alone to think and reflect and be intentional about what I’m doing, and seeking God in the midst of it all.

“So throw me a rope to hold me in place; show me a clock for counting my days down. Cause everything’s easier when you’re beside me, come back and find me. . .” – KT Tunstall

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