For Friends

I’m struck tonight by the amazing people that are in my life, so I’m straying from The List to reflect on and give thanks for them.

I’ve been able to spend some really good, quality time with a lot of different friends lately — starting in Greeley, and then radiating out in the past week since I’ve been back. It’s so incredible to see how God moves through all the various people that are part of my life, both in ways they see and in ways they possibly don’t, and it’s inspiring to see how God is working in each and every one of them, despite their struggles and through their triumphs.

It’s truly staggering to see how God is present in each of these widely varied relationships, in the conversations and time shared together, despite the varying levels of comfort and intimacy, through the contexts and complex histories.

I’m feeling very thankful tonight for the relationships I am blessed to be a part of and the people I am blessed to count as friends.

“Some moments last forever, and some flare out with love, love, love.” – Mountain Goats


One response to “For Friends

  1. Good for people to know.

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