It’s that time again. . .

Yes, friends, it is that time again. For what, you ask? Well, it is time for me to be moving on from one location to the next. And you know what that means? It means I need to make some lists.

    Things I Will Miss About the Czech Republic:

  • Three bottles of wine with Megan and Bekka
  • Listening to The Books with Tina
  • Living within steps of the majority of my friends in this country
  • All of my fantastic, 40-something Czech professors
  • Walking through Pražský hrad every day on the way to school
  • Hearing 50 different languages as I walk down the street
  • Cute old Czech people who carry on conversations with me even when I don’t speak Czech and say nothing more than “ano” and “jo”
  • The economic feasibility of eating one mean per day at a restaurant -therefore:

    • Lunch specials at the Golden Bamboo
    • Tuesday early dinners at Bea’s
    • COUNTRY LIFE. . .like, every day
    • Cafe Shabu
    • U Zavešenýho Kafe
    • Radost F/X
    • Ujezd
  • Dobrá polévka at every restaurant
  • Espresso s mlékem
  • Carob-covered macadamia nuts. . .from Country Life, of course
  • Amazingly delicious and cheap produce
  • Breakfast included at the Kolej, especially on apple strudel days
  • Moravské bilé vino – sweet, cheap and delicious
  • H&M, Zara and The New Yorker
  • The rampant availability of good Czech film
    Things I Won’t Miss About the Czech Republic

  • Weight gain
  • Toilet splashback
  • Living within steps of the majority of my friends in this country
  • Nebe
  • Aquafresh infultration
  • Czech people between the ages of 20 and 50 and their anger, irritability and looks of distain
  • Hot, smelly campus computer labs, and my fellow Hybernská rats
  • The Kolej lobby and the incessant proliferation of cabbies
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Smažený syr
  • #57, The Night Tram
  • 8:30 am classes
  • Cooking all my meals on a hotplate in an oft-disgusting kitchen
  • My dorm room
  • Being across the sea from so many people I love

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