You’re so good to me, and I know it ain’t easy. . .

Went to a really funny bar last night called Bar and Books. I thought it was going to be like a used bookstore-combination-bar, but instead, it just had a few books on the walls. It specialized in an amazingly swanky atmosphere, 140kc cocktails, and beautiful waitresses that didn’t speak Czech (a first for my time here). A large appeal to expats and otherwise rich tourists, but the atmosphere was great. I had no money, and I am sick, so I opted for a pot of delicious fruit tea, and really enjoyed myself.

Came home relatively early and wanted to read, so I put on my headlamp, so as not to wake Kathryn, and finished The Unbearable Lightness of Being in bed.

Slept in, felt like crap today. Wrote a paper for my alternative cultures class. Made myself get up, shower, and walk down the hill to Tesco. Spent a long, leisurely time wandering around there, buying lots of fresh veggies, Čocotrakny bars, BLACK BEANS (I finally found them here), and some good looking turkey/ham at the deli. The guy behind the counter smiled at my Czech. I spent kind of a lot of money, but I will cook for myself more this week and eat at restaurants less.

Came home and started reading “The Metamorphosis.” I’m halfway through, and pretty much what I’ve gotten is: “Uh oh, I’m a bug. Damn. My boss is here. I should go to work. I’m a bug. My sister brings me food. I don’t like milk anymore. I will crawl on the ceiling. I’m a bug.”

Just made a delicious dinner. I cooked rice and then fried up garlic, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. I put in this Uncle Ben’s “Sweet Thai Chili” sauce that I had bought. It was quite good. It feels good to cook for myself again. Even on a hotplate. I’ve been listening to a playlist I made at some point in the past called “Jut Made a Delicious Dinner.”

I am going to watch a movie, I think, and get to bed for my 8:30 tomorrow. I have class pretty much all day, but I’m hoping to get to the doctor in the afternoon and get some antibiotics for this sinus infection that won’t quit.


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