Clubbin in Praha. . .

Someone fixed our shower!!! So now there is a hook for the nozzle on a hose to hang on, and it is more like a real shower. They also fixes the drain so you don’t have to turn the water off every few minutes and let it go down. A maid came in my room this morning and mopped the floor with a Swifer-mop type thing. That was nice. My sheets haven’t been changed yet, but I think we are coming up on 10 days. . .it’s been a while since I had someone clean my room for me and change my sheets.

Had a good night last nite dancing at Club Nebe, a club in New Town. Yes, that’s right, I went out dancing at a club. I wasn’t excited about going, but Megan and Bekka and Laura dragged me out, told me what to wear and what to take with me. So I went, and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t like “clubs” in the US — it was basically just a bar with a bunch of big couches, cool atmosphere, a DJ spinning 70s funk music, and a little place for us to dance — no gross and/or creepy gyrating men in sight. We just danced, doin our own things, I got incredibly sweaty, and it was really great. The club was in the basement of an old building; it had this curved, stone ceiling, pretty much your standard cellar tavern that I’ve always heard about but never experiences. I’m going back tonight for “Indie Rock Dance Night,” so that should be a blast. I’ve been missing getting my indie rock on here in Praha.

Slept in a bit today, since we were out late last nite, and just chilled in the dorm this morning, took my time getting ready. It is nice to be able to do that! I walked to school and went to class. It was okay; dragged a bit, but I guess that is expected with a 4.5 hour per day language class. Zdena taught us an awesome Czech drinking song, though.

Met up with some people after class and we went to this vegetarian restaurant in Old Town called Country Life. It was kind of like the Whole Foods buffet, where you fill up a plate and pay for your food by weight. So I had all kinds of good fresh veggies and this tofu goulash and about 13 different kinds of cabbage. It was incredibly healthy and I felt great after eating. It is difficult to eat enough vegetables here. Rode the tram home, and now we’re going back to Nebe in a bit.

Leaving in the morning for a weekend trip to Moravia. AIFS has a lot planned, all kinds of different sites to visit, dinner at a wine cellar, exploring some cave. It should be fun, and it will be good to have a busy first real weekend here. Still hanging on to the busy.


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