Riding That Train, HIgh on Cocaine. . .

I am at Union Station in Denver. It is 5:30 am, and I have been here for 45 minutes. My bus for Raton, NM, providing connecting service to Albuquerque via the Southwest Chief, leaves at 6:00. There is free wireless here, of course.

I had an interesting night at the Hostel. After I wrote, I went out to look for a light rail/bus schedule, and ran into Christian and Mark, two guys who had just gotten in. They were probably in their 40s, friendly, a little bit uncomfortably so. I got a new roommate, too, a Korean girl who turned on all the lights and banged around and pissed off Eileen. When she got there, she locked me out of the room by mistake, so I talked to Christian for awhile and he told me his life story — everything from his fiancee dying in a car accident to being homeless in Guatemala and Phoenix to coming back to Denver after being attacked by a dog. He offered to walk with me this morning to the train station, but I told him he didn’t need to, and I left before I told him I was going to so as to prevent the awkward early-morning company.

The lady at the Hostel said I could catch the light rail to 16th Street for $1.25, and then catch a free bus to Union Station from there, so I got up super early (not that I slept last night anyway) and started walking to the light rail station. But I wussed out after about 2 blocks — I have a ton of crap with me and it’s heavy!! — and called a cab. So I got here for $6, almost an hour early.

Right now it is me and a bunch of old ladies. This must be the old lady train to New Mexico. I guess I didn’t get the memo. So, it’s an adventure. I hope I can sleep a bit on the bus so I’m not a huge pill when I get to Brenna’s. The ticket window just opened, so I better go get hooked up.


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